Friday, May 2, 2014

Sketchbook - All Aboard The Carnival Hell!

This is the second boat-Carnival Hell-I've drawn in my small ship series (the first one being the Nautilus, which can be viewed here). Once again, my love for carnivals made its way into a drawing-I have a serious soft spot for ferris wheels. I sketched the boat first, and then free handed the rest in color pencil and ball point pen.

I named this ship Carnival Hell because I envisioned all the rides to be broken, as suggested by the defunct looking ferris wheel. So even though this looks like a fun ship to be cruising on, board it at your own risk!  

I've recently been getting into drawing smaller than usual. Each drawing is around 4"x5". I've never really worked in this size before and I like it. This doesn't surprise me though, especially since I collect small trinkets like pressed pennies, dishware, and art cards. Plus, small pieces feel like intimate experiences the viewer can hold on to. You have to get close to the piece to discover all the fun details.


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