Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trip to Atlantic City

Along The Boardwalk. 35mm. Atlantic City.
It was warmer outside than I thought it would be during my short vacation-a welcome change from the cold weather New York has been experiencing recently. I spent most of my time on the boardwalk, soaking in the colorful facades of the buildings. 
Arcade. 35mm. Atlantic City. 
I'm pretty fond of arcades and this one is no exception. I especially like the red type on its facade. I revisited this place later for go kart racing!
Atlantic City Beach. 35mm.
View of the Boardwalk. 35mm. Atlantic City.
Avenue Marker. 35mm. Atlantic City.
Sunrise. 35mm.
I almost missed this wonderful sunrise at 6:30am. When I had first awoken, the sky looked completely overcast, but as the morning deepened, I realized the sky was clear and I rushed out of my hotel room. I made it just in time to capture this! The cloud above the sun reminds me of fish scales.  
Shell Speckled Sunrise. 35mm.
Unrequited Love. 35mm. Atlantic City.
I discovered this pathway disappearing into the water while heading to the carnival. It reminded me of a woman wallowing in misery, following this path because drowning sounded better than living with unrequited love.
View from Lighthouse. 35mm. Atlantic City.
On my last day, I visited the third tallest lighthouse in the country- Absecon Lighthouse. I climbed 228 steps to reach the top. I love fitness and exercise, so the climb felt like nothing to me, but it was still a rewarding experience! While taking in the view, I found out this part of the land was man made. 
View from Lighthouse 2. 35mm. A lovely view of Atlantic City.
Overall, it was a pretty quiet and relaxing trip of just aimlessly wandering. I got to enjoy the calmer side of Atlantic City instead of the night life it constantly boasts about.

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