Monday, April 28, 2014

Book Series # 7 - Threadbare Reminiscence

Book Recommendation 
Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories by Cheryl and Jeffery Katz - There's nothing like a good story about childhood. This book presents us with a catalog filled with dolls having outgrown their use to amuse and comfort their once-child owners. However, these little critters were able to avoid the donate/trash bin because they became keepsakes; reminders of what childhood was like.

The book is simplistic in it's presentation, the doll and its story taking center stage. Cheryl and Jeffery Katz amassed a collection of childhood stories (told by the doll owners) that are humorous, ridiculous, heartwarming, melancholy, and adventurous. That is only one part that makes this book whole however.   

The other part is the dolls themselves. They appear grotesque at first, missing an eye or limb, appearing unwashed and threadbare, but that's what makes them even more treasured. They are survivors of childhoods past, proudly displaying their scars. 

Writing is secondary to storytelling, and that works well here, because its more about the stories these dolls evoke from their owners. It may not be eloquent in its writing, but it definitely is in its message. 

If your someone who enjoys the subject of children's tales, you'll definitely enjoy this.

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