Monday, October 6, 2014

Narrow Oriental Coptic Stitch Book - Part 1

Part 1 - Hard Book Covers

 Materials used for hard book covers:                                     Tools used:

- Specialty black paper with gold & silver accents                 - PVA glue (LINECO brand)
- Specialty solid gold paper                                                - Scissors
- Kraft card stock                                                              - Bone folder
- Beige book cover cloth                                                     - Wide paint brush
- Clear vinyl                                                                    - Crop-A-Dile Hole Punch Tool

I use kraft card stock as the base for all my book covers, so they're always cut the actual size the cover will end up being (in this case, 3.5x8 inches). The black specialty paper and book cloth were cut a half inch wider on all sides (2 cut pieces of each material).  

Afterwards, I placed each specialty paper & book cloth cut pieces on kraft paper using a light coating of PVA glue with my wide brush. Then I cut the corners and folded the excess over, gluing them to the card stock. The glued pieces tend to curl, so I placed them under a heavy object, allowing them to dry flat. (It's optional to use a bone folder to help lay the paper flat on the card stock). 

As they dried, I then cut 2 pieces of clear vinyl a half inch wider on all sides than the actual cover size.

I added an extra gold piece at the top of the book covers for design purposes. 

Once the pieces dried, I attached vinyl only on the specialty paper side (outside cover). Then the book cloth pieces got attached to the backs using glue (inside cover). Once attached, I allowed these to dry under a heavy object.

After drying, I took each cover to my Crop-A-Dile punch tool to create holes where the thread will loop through. I decided not to add eyelets, so the holes will stay naked.

Here is the final result.

Outside and inside of the covers.

Throughout this coming week, I hope to work on the spine and pages next. Until then, happy crafting! 

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Cho n said...

muy bonito el papel y cómo lo ha combinado!