Friday, October 10, 2014

Lifestyle - Practicing A New Instrument: The Kalimba

I've been wanting to learn an instrument for the longest time. I used to be musically inclined when I was younger; I participated in chorus and learned how to read/write sheet music. However, I fell out of music and became highly interested in visual art. It's been years since I've played anything. 

During my search, I wanted something I could keep in my workspace, was compact in size, easy to carry, and not too difficult to learn (even though all instruments take much time to learn). After searching through instruments, I found this interesting little guy.

This is a Kalimba (nicknamed a thumb piano)-an instrument originating from Africa. Kalimbas come in many different shapes, but are all hand held.

Those vertical metal bars you see are called tines. You pluck them using your thumbs, creating these lovely music box like sounds. I only recently purchased this Kalimba, so I'm still memorizing the placement of notes. Notes do not run from left to right. This is a C-tuned Kalimba. The C note starts at the center (longest tine).

Kalimbas can be bought on Amazon, or on this other website called Kalimba Magic.

Once I get a little better on it, I'll be sure to post a video of me playing!

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