Monday, September 29, 2014

Announcement: Blog Adjustments

It has been some time since I've seen all you lovelies. It appears the schedule I had set myself up for a few months ago was one I could not keep up with, so I'm making a few adjustments.

1. I'm down scaling on topics. I decided to refocus this blog more towards art and materials. An art resource blog, if you well, with a side of crafting projects!

2. The tabs at the top of the blog will change to:
a. Art & Craft Projects - Posts will pertain to arts & crafts I am currently working on (bookbinding, illustration, knitting, home, and more).
b. Material Reviews - Posts will concentrate on what art tools/supplies I have found to be the most useful and successful in my projects, as well as comparing similar tools to one another. I hope you'll find this helpful for your projects!
c. Book Resource - A quick list of art/technique books, how-to guides, and artist books I have found useful in furthering my skills in arts & crafts  This list will be updated regularly. 
d. Art Resource - Another list targeting where tools/materials I have found can be purchased. This list will be updated regularly.
e. Giveaways - Giveaways will include art materials, art books, and gift cards to art stores. Stay on the look out for those!
f. Lifestyle - I'm still debating over this tab. This tab would include posts outside the focus of the blog, offering glimpses in what activities and cool finds I feel worth sharing!   

3. The About Me & Shop tabs will remain in the tab bar.

Even though the focus of this blog will change a bit, I'll still be telling stories through the art I produce! I've been wanting to share the tools I use, and I hope you'll find the information helpful. Blog posts will resume on Oct. 6th. Until then...cheers!


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