Wednesday, October 22, 2014

35mm Photography - Governors Island

During the summer months in New York City, Governers Island is open to the public. It's an island right by the city that used to be a military base, with views of Staten Island, New Jersey, and Brooklyn. Now converted into a park, the island hosts festivals, craft fairs, and bike riding. I actually went the last week before it closed.
During my trip, I decided to rent a bike to explore all parts of the island quicker. It's great to get a bike first thing in the morning since the afternoons have more people populating the pathways. More bike paths have been incorporated this year though. Most of the buildings are unused. If they are in use, its usually for gallery exhibits, handmade shops, and food vendors.
This section is located near the newer areas just opened this year. They have small clusters of flower patches you can walk (but not bike) through. It's also near a new baseball field and viewing areas of the waterfront.
I found this while exploring a courtyard. I'm not exactly sure who this was dedicated to, but I thought it was interesting. It reminded me of a crime scene, especially since this was in a sectioned off area.
I really loved these red chairs! They're very striking. They're ideal for a nice sit down amongst friends during a lazy afternoon. That particular afternoon was lovely; a cloudless sky, a gentle breeze, and a good camera to capture it all. I look forward to visiting it again next year.   

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