Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Photography - Lavander In The Battery

Can you string a quick story out of these photos?
 She gazes at the sleek straight backs of stiff shouldered buildings. She wants to escape these statuesque shells, empty of blood and feelings. It is time for her to depart the concrete tower.

Through spit-cleaned doors, down compact stairwells, she stumbles upon a tunnel, empty and dark. Gulping anxiety, she tips toes through, afraid to disturb the stillness huddled in the quiet.

 The flowers are a pleasant surprise once she makes it to the other side. They gently bob their heads as if to greet the new visitor. Hopeful, she continues past them.

 Her travel is cut short upon reaching a pier, where a river snakes its hulking body between concrete cities. The sun sits high and proud in the sky, clouds a wispy dress twirling around its body. She spots the boat drifting further from the pier, and decides she needs one for herself.

This is it. She'll escape the tang of smoke bellowing from orange cones, the dreary smell of sewage when she walks past a crosswalk. She'll run away from the cold shouldered buildings, the black bubblegum sidewalks, the crumbled waste hugging the base of trash bins. She'll escape the city and finally be free.  

Camera: La Sardina
Film: 35mm Lomochrome Purple (100-400)
Taken By: Carolina
Where: Battery Park City, NYC

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