Friday, July 11, 2014

Sketchbook Friday - Circus Character Revivals

Back in college, I created these sketches for a homework assignment. Ever since, they've been sitting in a box in my room, the ideas collecting dust. I was fixing some files on my computer recently when I found these old scans of the originals.

I like circuses and carnivals, so these characters were an exploration of those fancies. 

For this sketch, I thought of a woman so obsessed with jewelry/beauty, that she ate it. It's one of those ideas where if someone does something repeatedly enough, they'll become like that object/idea.

The drawings I've been doing recently are inspired by these sketches. I think it's time to revive these characters.  Maybe in color pencil, maybe pen?

Are there any characters that catch your attention? The Juggler is my favorite sketch! 


ant cee said...

You should definitely revive these treasures!!!! love them! sooooooo fun!!

Carolina Ortiz said...

Thank so much! I definitely will. Circus fun.