Monday, July 7, 2014

Announcement - Grubby Hands In Too Many Pots

Afternoon fellow sirs and ladies! My postings have been a bit off schedule (as I'm sure many of you have noticed). Fear not. I'll be regularly posting again starting this Wednesday. However, they're might be some slight changes:

1.  I've been attempting to condense the amount of projects I've been involved in (too many pots I've got my grubby little hands in). One of those projects is my book shop-PikiThins. I'll be scaling back on managing the shop and focusing more on the blog, as well as my artwork. The shop will remain open for those who wish to browse and purchase until July 31st. After that, I'll be placing the shop on vacation mode.

2.  Even though the shop will be closed, I won't stop bookmaking. I usually mix Sketchbook Friday posts with different art projects aside from drawing. 

3.  Book Monday might be changing in the near future. This part of the blog is something I seem to be struggling with, so I may expand on what Book Monday should actually be about, or eliminate it all together. For now, I will keep posting book recommendations for the remainder of July. 

4. What's with that empty Giveaway tab at the top of the blog? This upcoming weekend, I will be posting my first giveaway, so stayed tuned. 

I hope everyone's July 4th was fun! Unfortunately, It rained over here. However, I did see fireworks on the beach yesterday!



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