Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Photography - Botched Photo Interpretations #4

What thoughts pop into your mind when viewing this botched photo?
Byrant Park Ice Skating Rink. 35mm. Taken by: Carolina
Disjointed Night at the Ice Skating Rink

I. White spangled, dark drunk dizzy
freckled lights on black skin.

II. Frostbite light pours from a tooth empty mouth
sucking cold vapors, dulling death.

III. Distorted shadows slip-slide across scarred ice.
Skates skid, scuttle, and scrap. The ice rink takes a beating.

IV. Trippy gossip girls squeak and shriek, hands cold-numb and heat-sleek.
"Hold up. Wait; don't let me fall!"

V. Cracks and pops dulled by muffled ears, covered in faux fur.
Noises grow louder as he treads closer to the rink.

He saddles up beside her lone-bone coat weary frame
 thinks to take her hand but instead asks, "are you here with anyone?"

Her face shape shifts from dull to fake-mask bright
"I don't have any friends." She replies, voice whisper-tight.

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