Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Florida - The Historic Town of St. Augustine

My first stop during my trip to Florida was St Augustine - A historic town filled with little shops, bed & breakfasts, and riverside fun. This is a close up of a mosaic map of the town. It's very eye catching.

This is the view from the Castillo de San Marcos fort just across the town. It was a real lovely day, albeit hot. The water looked inviting. Maybe I should have taken a quick dip?

Walking around the fort, I went inside one of the towers and took this shot gazing upwards. It reminds me of shells for some reason (I learned shells were incorporated into the fort's walls). 

Another view from the fort. The clouds in Florida are lovely, despite how silly that may sound. Their massive, full, fluffy, and have strong definition. The clouds in New York tend to be wispy and thin. There was a storm cloud mixed into the collection but luckily, it didn't rain. 

St. Augustine is definitely my kind of town. Its small buildings are rustic and charming. Handmade shops are abundant, the food is tasty, and the people are pretty friendly. 

I recommend visiting this place if you ever go to St. Augustine. This is The Hyppo - A handmade popsicle shop. The flavors taste really fresh! They also do online ordering but beware, these sweet treats are a tad bit expensive (6 pops for 21 bucks). I got the Peanut Butter Pie popsicle; very delicious!

I strayed off the main road and found this abandoned building quite alluring. St. Augustine hosts ghost tours and I believe this building is a part of that tour.

I captured this water wheel before heading out of town. Water wheels are mesmerizing. Watching the flow of constant and consistent motion is meditative; stabilizing my hectic energy!  

These were a few shots from the first part of my trip. It was really fun and exciting to visit a new location. I hope I can come back here soon; there was so much to explore! A perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Photos taken by: Carolina
Camera: La Sardina
Film: 35mm

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