Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photography - Botched Photo Interpretations # 3

What Story Can You Create From This Botched Photo?
Virginia Beach. 2013. 35mm Sunset film.
Trail of Light

The trail of light you tread on is linear, glowing soft orange. There are no unexpected turns, no hidden areas for sinister surprises to conceal themselves. The light is good intentioned; it will lead you safely home.

The encroaching darkness wants you to think this.

Where light illuminates, shadows lurk beneath, for where the shadows lurk, darkness waits. It is a patient creature, sprawled across an expanse of nothing, breathing deep and even,
its heartbeat slowly     slowing
                                                down to a quiet murmur.

The darkness watches you intently, your steps sure footed and light. You are too far along the journey to turn back and why would you? The path is safe. The light is gentle; it would never betray you.

The encroaching darkness wants you to think-

The light has cradled you in a blanket of trust, coaxing your fears into a deep slumber. "You're almost there," it had whispered, and why would you think it was a lie? The light has been accommodating to your desires and needs. It is leading you safely home.

Ah! You can see it! You are nearing the end, just at the edge-

Where the shadows twist, bend, and scurry across the trail, fisting clumps of light and squeezing tight until they shrink, disperse, and completely fade from existence. The warmth leaks from your limbs and your fears startle awake. The light has been killed. You are alone in an expanse of nothing, right where

The encroaching darkness wants you-   

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