Monday, May 19, 2014

Book Series # 8 - Dream Interpretation

Book Recommendation
The Dream Dictionary from A to Z by Theresa Cheung - While browsing through the bookstore, I spotted this book in the bargain rack and purchased it. I've had vivid and frequent dreams for many years, but its only been recently that I decided to interpret the hidden messages left by those dreams.

If you're someone interested in breaching past the surface of dreams, of delving into its deeper meanings, this is a great dictionary! I'm glad I bought it.

Like most dream dictionaries, Cheung follows the format of an alphabetized category to organize dream topics. Some dream topics are sub-categorized to put like information together, such as weather, color, and family. As a result, it gets a bit confusing to find information on a particular subject, but after a few attempts, I got used to the format.  

Compared to other dictionaries, this one stands out because not only does Cheung present the reader with interpretations; she discusses dream theory (Sigmund Freud is mentioned frequently), the role of the unconscious in dreams, and the process of REM sleep. It's a very well rounded and informative dictionary.

Compared to dream dictionary websites, I find having this physical copy to be much more descriptive. I also like that Cheung mentions the differing interpretations between numerous cultures. It makes for a wholesome read!

I have quite a few post its in this book, and I noticed a few recurring themes in my dreams-abandonment, murder, children, and tragic love stories (to name a few). My dreams are usually blanketed in shades of brown and fog. After doing some research with this book, my dreams seem to reveal my struggle to accept myself and to trust my instincts.

In all, its a very insightful read and a good way to explore your inner fears and emotions. Cheung came out with a recent version that offers more interpretive meanings. However, this smaller dictionary makes a great gift for a friend or yourself. I definitely recommend it.  

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