Friday, April 4, 2014

Sinister Sisters Pipa and Tak # 1

The Introduction

From all the countless characters I have ever created and drawn, these two mischievous sisters are my favorite. The older sister, Tak, sports quirky ponytails and overalls. She's fascinated by sharp objects, especially butcher knives and meat cleavers. She's the more sinister of the two, plotting twisted and deadly pranks against strangers just for fun.

Pipa, the youngest, has a quiet, killer curiosity and loves to experiment with traps. She's the introvert of the pair and usually follows along with Tak's plans without protest.

I first created these characters during college and they've stuck with me ever since. I've always found children to be deadly in some way, and I'm fascinated by stories where irrationality leads to dire consequences in the name of entertainment.

This definitely isn't the last you'll see of them.

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