Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Series # 5 - Art Magazines

STUFFED Magazine
Stuffed Magazine Covers
 I was introduced to this magazine by a friend when I had first opened my Etsy shop way back in 2009. The magazine features a collection of plush/art doll/soft doll works (coined Softies) from various artists-such as EcoLeftz and Sleepy King-of the hobby/craft persuasion. Dolls are made in a wide range of media; from paint on wood, recycled materials, sculpture, to a mash up of fabrics sewn together to make a cast of quirky and fun characters. For each Softie featured, there's contact information, short bios, and art tips & tricks shared by the artists.  

Example of a page from Stuffed Magazine
This magazine reminds me more of an art doll catalog & book. Its published twice a year and is $15 each. They're sold in only a few select stores, so buying it online may be your best option. It's put together quite well, and the people at Stuffed Magazine take care of the photography, placing the Softies in handmade settings to enhance their story.

This magazine would do well in your art book collection if you have a soft spot for Softies and are into cute culture. 

Hi-Fructose Magazine

 If your looking for an art magazine that goes in depth with the artist's personal story and art process, as well as houses a collection of differing practices within art, then this magazine would be a better fit for you. I found it while looking for an issue of STUFFED magazine at the craft store. The covers are eye catching, and the wealth of background information from special features and interviews with the artists make for a great read.

Example of a page inside Hi-Fuctose Magazine
The magazine is also helpful in terms of listing ads for upcoming art shows and gallery openings (although, some might not be near your location). This magazine runs for $8 and is published four times a year. It's a great source of inspiration when you're feeling stuck. I collect these magazines for references, ideas, and research.

Are they're any art magazines you collect?

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