Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photography - Earl Gray Cityscape

Under Construction. 35mm. New York City
On a rainy day in 2013, I decided to head to the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC. Walking aimlessly, I snapped a photo of this incomplete building.

Buildings in construction remind me of metal monstrosities coming to life. Their steel beam limbs could crush me if they weren't imprisoned to the ground.  

Splattered. 35mm. New York City
Turning onto a one way street, I noticed this facade of a closed art gallery. The wall felt alive; white paint seeping and spreading to the sidewalk, as if the wall itself was bleeding profusely (even though the paint was assuredly dry). The creature on the wall was like a hunched over gorilla, skulking past, oblivious to onlookers.    

Body Works. 35mm. New York City
Another shot of the same closed art gallery. I wish I could have a wall just covered in signs like these, withered by time, the paint chipping from the letters.

View From The Highline. 35mm. New York City
I took this image while strolling along the Highline, an abandoned railway system that had been converted into a park. I like street views like these and I hope to take more in the future.

When it warms up a bit more in NYC, I'll definitely will be going on more adventures!

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