Friday, April 11, 2014

Sketchbook - Harvester of Flowers & Sneak Peak

Harvester of Flowers. 2013. Ball point pen and pencil on Canson illustration paper.
This is one of the few drawings I've created that comes close to completion (I have conflicting feelings about finishing works, which I've talked about in this post here). The drawing was inspired by straw hats farmers wear while working and harvesting food in the fields. This Bird Man is a harvester of flowers.

I've only returned to drawing and coloring in recent years after a period of shutting out my passions due to a few personal struggles when the economy went down the drain in 2010. It feels good to know that even though I'm a bit rusty, the drawing skills I've developed throughout the years haven't completely left me.

Work-In-Progress of Pipa and Tak.
I haven't made as much progress with beloved Pipa and Tak as I would have liked, but I thought I'd show a raw work-in-progress of a drawing I am currently attempting to finish. I wanted to flush out their characters and appearances a bit more. Their outfits in previous sketches appeared too generalized. They're clothes are more distinct to their character now. 

I'll definitely have more to show for next week's Sketchbook Friday, so stay tuned! 

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