Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Photography - Polaroid Nostalgia

Reminiscing of Warmer Days
 In the city, it's been a tough Winter of warmth stealing and frozen fingers on scalding paper cups. My world has shrunk to snow stuck in cracked pavement, muddy puddles at street corners, trampled cigarette butts, and the hurry-to-work strides of strangers' boots. The city buildings sag more than usual and people are blurred shadows roaming the sidewalks, searching for a place to rest from the chill but never finding any. 

So when I settle in bed after a bone cold journey from work, I close my eyes and think of the sun warming the back of my calves while standing on the beach. I remember when days aren't just black, gray, and white. They're vast blue spotted in somber greens with puffs of white and smatterings of yellow and red. 

And when sleep hushes the memories to just whispers, my scalp and toes tingle. My skin doesn't feel so cold and appear so pale. I'm left with a warmth that sometimes, only a good memory can bring. 

Stay warm everyone.

Photos taken by Carolina (PikiThins)
Camera: Fuji Instax 210 Polaroid Film Camera

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