Friday, March 21, 2014

SketchBook - Idea in Starvation

Unfinished Sketch by PikiThins. Ball point pen work. Focusing on gestural ideas.
Imagine your ideas becoming malnourished when you ignore them. In their weakened state, they desperately struggle to hold tight to your brain, but that effort alone depletes their energy. They slowly starve and when they die, you suddenly feel as if you've forgotten something. Then you think: "I'll eventually remember." What you don't realize is that you never will.

When an idea first pops into my mind for a drawing, it's strong, flexible, and vibrant. However, it loses strength fast after birth, and then the drawing remains unfinished, the figure on the page an apparition of what it could be, never fully realized. 

Unfinished Drawing by PikiThins. Ball point pen & pencil work.
It's a terrible habit of mine since my college days; this 'unfinished' streak I've been running with. Countless drawings, craft projects, and writings have been left incomplete. It seems like a forbidden act to finish a work, and a voice in the back of my head shouts "turn back around, your walking in the wrong direction!" So I listen, I turn, and walk away without a second thought, dissatisfaction trailing behind me like a lost puppy unsure of where to go.

 Its troubling, especially since I firmly believe that what you draw is a reflection of your state of mind. To be frank, after thinking about it, I think this relates to my struggle to commitment and confidence. 
Does drawing reveal something about you?

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