Thursday, March 6, 2014

Photography as Hobby - The Rickety Idea

Film photography is one of the many (expensive) hobbies I indulge in. I use it as a means to record/research a moment rather than remember it. I search for ideas embedded in photos and lament on them, allowing them to stretch and bend into stories with strong, solid limbs.

I think in this way, there's an emotional detachment my photography takes because I'm not looking for a cheesy pose or a warm memory. It's all about the idea, and ideas aren't meant to be clear crisp photos with the right lighting; their rickety things with blurred vision. They stumble until you can get them a nice pair of glasses to correct their eyesight (remember to get the ones with the cords attached. Sometimes ideas have a tendency to let their glasses slip off their noses).

I took this photo while on vacation at Virginia Beach last year, using 110mm film with my fisheye camera. There's a multitude of stories and ideas I get from this. The first thing I think of is death; the red substance like a massive falling star about to crash into a desert on a blue night. Maybe that hole in the ground is a volcano about to rupture?  Wait, maybe that odd substance is really the ripped pink tulle of a girl's dress, a girl who accidentally fell into the water and sinks deeper into the sea, drowning and alone.

The photo is actually of a couple of jellyfish floating around in a circular water tank. I love aquariums!


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