Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Workspace Typography

This stamp is a necessity in everyone's arsenal. I'm sure there will be someone you'll need to put on notice when all isn't well. When words fail, stamps prevail!

This stamp is a hand me down from a coworker. The wood is completely scratched up and beaten, and I think that adds to its character. When I look at it, I think quirky and lethal; a combination I favor highly. I also have a few other trinkets lying around my workspace such as...

...this lovely letter. I bought this from an Etsy shop: EdiesLab. I wanted a letter on my wall, and what does it better than my first initial? It's got appealing curves and smooth wooden skin. It's pretty much the size of my head! 

Ah, and here we have a stack of art books I've collected over the years-not my only stack of course. Some books I received for free, like Hand Job-cough-and An American Odyssey. Art books are one of the many things I enjoy collecting. 

Some books seen here are works from my favorite artists, such as Tara McPherson, Os Gemeos, and Camilla D'Errico. I would definitely recommend checking them out if your into graffiti and illustration! A common trait I like about all their work is their use of color; its an integral part of the artwork's story. Color holds symbolism, but doesn't forget to be playful in image portrayal.  


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