Saturday, March 8, 2014

In Walks the Pink Lady Mini Book

I decided to create another small coptic stitch book with half lined pages, half blank pages, and a mini folder. I discovered this lovely metallic deep pink paper at a craft store nearby. I had to use it! 

I hand cut the pages and sewed them together with bees waxed thread. Usually I have all the papers cut and punched before sewing, but the folder I did right when I was ready to close up the book.

I use Adobe Illustrator to create book page templates. This is a simple lined one, with college ruled lines.

 I went through a couple of template options before I came up with one I was satisfied with. Sewing folders into books is actually pretty tricky because the folder flaps get in the way. Instead of having one long flap (which would have to remain unglued and sewed around), I decided to keep the flaps separated from each other (this way, they would be glued beforehand and I could sew through it like a regular signature). Made for easier sewing! 

For small (4.25x3 inches) books, I typically use 9 signatures, so that the end of the thread in the first signature is at the bottom of the page, and the braided bookmark connected to the last signature is at the top of the page.

Once its completed, I let the book sit under a heavy object for about a day to flatten it down.
 With that said, how did this book get its name?

My mother walked in on me finishing this book and said, "Oooh look, its the Pink Lady!" and the name stuck :). I think its a wonderful addition to the growing collection of books I've created. Doesn't it remind you of the coming of spring?


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Aubrey Oddbreed said...

WOW! you are so very talented!