Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival!

Hello everyone! Yesterday I attended a Cherry Blossom Festival called Sakura Matsuri. This festival celebrates the blooming of the Cherry Blossom. I have way too many photos, so if you want to see the rest, they are on my facebook. If your not my friend on facebook, well, er, your out of luck there XD. The first event we went to see was Taiko Drumming. AMAZING, like always! I would love to learn how to play them!

Those feet are my sister and I. We were sitting on the grass while watching the performance. Imagine feeling the pounding of the drums vibrating into your feet? Its an amazing feeling (The yellow feet are mine and the white feet is my sister).

After we watched the performance, we decided to walk around the whole garden. The next place we went to was the japanese garden. Its tough getting pictures at this place because A LOT of people attended the festival. That is me in the red, my sister in the blue, and my best friend wearing a Lolita cosplay outfit. There were many teenagers dressed in cosplay!

This is my other best friend! We went over to the childrens garden (probably the best garden there, why do kids get all the cool stuff?).

My niece (in red) and my cousin (in green) came with us as well wearing Chinese outfits. Haha, Chinese outfits to a japanese festival. My mom couldn't find small kimonos for them, heh.

Everything is mini sized in the childrens garden like this small river. So cute!

I found this area at the back of the childrens garden that was covered in bamboo and a wooden staircase. So we took pictures there too! My sister helped me put my make up on and I created the flower hairpiece in my hair. Pretty cool eh? Eh!?

Yup, you can tell we were having a photo shoot moment hahahah XD.

Yes, I am naturally this pale, no white make up needed XD. Hope you enjoyed this post! =)



ArtTales said...

You gals look great! How long did it take you to get ready? I bet you made that headband ;) it looks awesome :)) Going to look on facebook for more photos

Pikithins said...

Lol, it took us two hours to get ready. And yes, I did make the headband XD