Sunday, April 25, 2010

Izzy Features Onenonly88

While Piki is making button flower bouquets (when she should be working in the shop!), I decided to add a little extra flavor to Piki's blog! Not that I find it boring or anything...hehe O_o...

We stumbled on a felted foods shop (Shh, don't tell anyone, but Piki is a sucker for felted foods! They're so yummy looking!). We got in touch with Margaret, the owner of Onenonly88! (do you know how hard it is to type with only two fingers on each hand!? Piki should have given me at least four!). She specializes in felted foods and is located in Taipai, Taiwan! So sit back and enjoy this short interview (I'll just scamper off before Piki finds out I hacked into her blog >_>)!

You can visit Onenonly88 here:

Izzy: Tell me a little about your creative process? About yourself?
Margaret: I get my ideas from books and online searches. I work around pastel colors, especially purple and turquoise, and shapes. My favorite shape is a heart! I studied at Academy of Art University in San Francisco while majoring in Illustration. When I was living in San Francisco, I worked in a greeting card and a photo frame company as a designer.

Izzy: Do you find color to be a large factor in creating a finished felted piece? If not, what would it be?
Margaret: Food and flowers all have certain colors you can’t stray too far from when trying to make something look realistic. Hard thing is...certain countries have so many different types of food. To create felted food that appeal to different cultures that is both eye catching in color and pleasing to look at, is fun and challenging!

Izzy: What inspired you to create felted foods? Does it stem from other interests you have?
Margaret: I have always loved doing crafts...I started making quilt and cross stitches after seeing a book about making cakes from felt a few years ago. I decided to give it a try because it looked like a challenge to make things appear realistic.

Izzy: I see that you have a lovely felted tea set! Are you planning on branching out your felted pieces to objects?
Margaret: I have just opened my 2nd shop selling felt fabrics: I am working on instructions and patterns for some easy to make items like felt alphabets, number sets, and felt embellishments. I am also working on my 3rd shop! I just can’t stop making things!! Hopefully it will be ready in about a month: Origami Lotus and more :)

Izzy: What is the most challenging aspect in making felted foods?
Margaret: All the small pieces that need to be cut. I spend most of my time cutting. Sewing is the fun part since its relaxing! Finishing the piece is exciting; you begin to see what the final product is going to look like.

I’m always thinking about new ideas, trying to make something that no one else has made before. Hard but fun :)

I do the best I can, basically strive to be the best at whatever I decide to make.
Making people happy is more important than making money. I get excited when I wake up every morning to see what I have sold when I was sleeping (I'm located in a different time zone). I can't wait to find out what I will get to make today :)



CellophaneShop said...

So glad I stumbled across your blog today! I did not know Margaret's shop, her work is amazing. I love the pancakes with bananas, very cute.

Pikithins said...

Yes, the bananas and pancakes are my favorite! =D I love how clean her work looks!