Saturday, May 15, 2010

Calling for Ads and Photos

Hi everyone! =D It has been awhile since I've done photoshop work. I'm itching to get some new ones done! If all of you are willing, send me a photo of yourself you would like for me to transform! You can see some examples of my past work:

I am also calling for some ads to place on my blog for free! Only 6 spaces open! Free ad space, yum =). Send me your ad or photo for photoshop either through convo on Etsy OR by email: The only requirement for me to allow your ad on my blog is that you follow my blog =). Thanks!



EdgeInspired said...

Great blog! We would love an add space :)

sassypackrat said...

I'd like an ad space on your blog. I need to make an ad. Do you have a size, DPI requirement?

inthegutterlookingatthestars said...

I'd love to have some free ad space on your blog :)

What are the requirements?

My etsy is: Please convo me


Anonymous said...

"comment" (well you said to comment) ;)

Very unique artist featured above. :D


Dominique said...

Did someone say "Free"?

I'd love some ad space if there is any left!

Maybe I should convo you with this too :)


Sharon said...

Trying to figure out how to load a photo or my name on this silly thing. (I am so in the dark ages)

Jen said...

What beautiful work! There's so much color and emotion, and they're all so fun!!