Monday, March 8, 2010

Clove Lakes Adventure

Hello all! =) I decided to do a little mix of a post today. This is my adventure through Clove Lakes park. Well, not an extravagant adventure. I thought I'd would share my day with you all. I like frolicking around streams and waterfalls. At that very spot in the image is where I slipped on the rocks and fell...XD.

O_O They kept staring it me...possible stalkers? I better be think my camera would make a good weapon? 8vO?

To get to the bottom of this bridge, I had to trudge through mud since all the trees are knocked down. It was here I got to see a dead fish lying next to me, complete with guts and flies =). Haha.

The birds started to dive into the water at insane speeds! Too bad I didn't record it.
Can we say...Kamikaze birds!?

Yes, my video skills are amazing LOL. Anyway, I took a detour and headed to Silver Lakes Park, which is only a block away from the park I was currently at. Silver Lakes has a reservoir. When I was checking it out, there were strange patterns on the iced water. It looked like enlarged snowflakes. Pretty strange. It reminded me of sea creatures bumping their heads on the ice,
and the ice cracked softly...if that makes since >_>.

That is an ice rescue ladder stuck on the ice surface of the lake...who needs the rescuing now? =P.

This is a picture I took on the bridge. The green murky water actually looks pretty here. Nice color transitions lol. Here are some pictures of the main area of Clove Lakes when I got back. It started getting insanely windy for some reason...


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Michelle said...

cool pics, thanks for sharing!