Thursday, March 18, 2010

Central to Riverside

Good evening everyone =D I went on another adventure! This time to the mystical lands of NYC XD. It was so darn nice out! How could anyone not want to be in the sunshine!? Anyway, my first stop was to the large reservoir in Central Park. It took me 45 min. to walk around the whole thing, its pretty huge, heh. Did you know there is a bridge in ruins in the water? And the only way to really see it is if a whole bunch of seagulls seat on top of it, outlining the bridge =). Or you can cheat and google it =P.

AHOY THERE! The first signs of Spring!

This is part of a larger lake in Central Park where you can go boat riding with your, your lover I mean...

Same boat riding lake. I thought this was a pretty interesting photo to take. I love the movement of this tree =). Some of my initial ideas for crafting come from tree forms.

Onward! This is a new park that is being worked on in Manhattan. It is called the HighLine. This park used to be an abandoned subway line. Now the whole length of it is being converted into a park by the water on 10th street. Talk about going green eh? Only a part of it is open since they are working on the rest of the train line.

Train tracks that go no where. My favorite part of the park. There are many abandoned buildings around the park.

Yes, I cut the High Line short =). But you can always check out the website. The last stop I made was to my favorite park in Manhattan: Riverside Park (at least I think that is what its called LOL) Its a long strip by the river. I love going there for the sunsets =). This is a sculpture piece at the park. With the sun in the back, it kind of reminds me of an abstract rocket blasting off into space! =vD!

I actually like the blurriness of this photo. And I LOVE watching sunsets at this park =sigh= Oh yeah, that's New Jersey over there, wave hi!

As the sun sets, the lights pop on! This is my favorite part of the park. The lamps are blue instead of yellow. It creates a serene setting. It looks especially beautiful at night, when people are hardly around and the wooden docks are lit blue. Ah, I love it so...

Sunset at its peak of freshness XD Watching it is so mesmerizing.



ArtTales said...

It's so beautiful there! I've never been to the city and assumed it was icky.

I'd love to take my lover on a long boat ride!

Very lovely :)

Pikithins said...

Erm, many parts of the city is icky lol But the parks and some other areas are nice.