Thursday, April 1, 2010

Richmond Town

Another trip! This time in Staten Island's Richmond Town! It's a historic town that preserves the past history of the island. It was pretty fun =D.

The whole town is pretty much buildings with historical significance. I got to check out the tin shop, the wood shop, grocery store, and a few houses. Pretty much all the buildings were set up to look like how it used to be back in the day. Even the people were dressed up in period clothing XD.

They have a lot of small spots to rest on. I have a fancy for cobblestone and stone walls. They are so attracting to take pictures with.

When we were visiting the wood shop, my niece gave this elderly man a stick...and they started sword fighting together. O_o...The amazing skills of both warriors was too fast to catch on camera XD.

Here is some lovely stacks of wood. Sometimes they'll give demonstrations around the town of tinman working, women making thread, and metal burning.

This is one of the period houses, which was closed unfortunately. But it looks like a lovely house, no matter how run down. Not sure why I look a little angry here. Oh yeah, the sun was glaring in my eyes.

This was my favorite spot! Its much more removed from the rest of the town! I love how all the buildings look abandoned. There's a type of nostalgia attached to it.

Behind me is a small mill where the water pumps through. Me and my niece just ran over to the hey to play around in. It was a really nice trip, aside from my second niece screaming from her carriage XD.

Aside from my fun trip, I thought I throw in a couple of purchases I made the past couple of weeks. These are handmade wooden tree branch buttons I picked up from the etsy shop I'll be using them for my new doll collection =).

I recently started getting into plants. This is a small air plant tucked into a shell! Air plants are basically plants that don't need dirt to grow. Just add water and sun! I'm waiting for more air plants I purchased to come in, so excited =D. I ordered this plant from The little plate it sits on is a Japanese styled try to hold soy sauce in. I picked this up at a oriental shop in Chinatown =). I love that place, awesome ceramics!



ArtTales said...

Those buttons are amazing!

I love old homes and barns. We are surrounded by places like this. I need to take photos of the abandoned mining town that is near me.

Jeanine DeNitto said...

i was born on staten island and i am very glad to see this post. i will have to visit richmond town one day.

Pikithins said...

Oh yeah? Fun =D A fellow Staten Islander heh. Check out the Chinese Garden at Snug Harbor to, it's real nice =)


Sharon said...

That dresser rocks!