Sunday, February 28, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

The bracelets above I made for an alchemy bid I won =D. These two best friends wanted special bracelets in their favorite colors: purple and yellow. I thought, it would be perfect to call one bracelet Good Morning and the other bracelet Goodnight! So that is what I did and they loved the idea =). Those are the finished products. They came out so cute.

How has the week been for everyone? Nonstop work for me, as well as stocking on countless supplies for the Pikithins shop XD. I said before I would be closing down the earrings section, but I can't stay away from earrings! I'm glad people are actually interested in buying more earrings, despite the prices. I love you all and thanks for the support there.

Onto another project I have yet to start. Remember the fish table I painted? Well, here is another piece of wood that needs some loving! This cabinet stores my fabric =). I am going to sand it down, stain certain parts of the exterior, and paint the drawers (and rectangles on the side of the cabinet) in color with designs. I'm wondering if I should paint the drawers different colors?

I have a new desk! =D The baby blue table with my sewing machine on top =). The poor machine was sitting in the cabinet behind the chair with no where to go =(. Now it has a home =). The table is actually a computer desk, yet, it looks nothing like one. I use the slide out table it comes with to store my plastic boxes filled with beads and cords. My walls look a little naked. I am planning on hanging some prints. I also have a couple of wooden toys around the room (you can see a small wooden airplane in the corner of the image). See all that yarn? Love it!I'll be using those for my new dolls, hehehe.

Some of you might be wondering what that strange piece is sitting on top of the boxes on the desk (in front of the shade). That is a Robo Dog. I ripped the fur off (which was strange for me to do, but it was an assignment from class) and placed mountains of fabric and paper strips. Now it looks like a paper sculpture XD.

Hi Fred! Heh, that is the doll I bought from ArtTales =). He is sitting on the cabinet in front of the boxes. Me and my storage boxes, pssh...

I'm still tweaking the space every so often.

I also thought I show some more work I've done in the past. This is an illustration based on the Tempest. I used paint, paper cut outs, color pencil, and embroidery floss to create this piece.

This is just a sketch I did in my spare time. Not the clearest scan I've done when importing it XD. I sketch in pen a lot since I am more loose with it then in pencil.

I'm hoping to do a video blog soon once the room looks more complete. I'll keep updates going about my new projects =D! Peace and chicken grease!



ArtTales said...

You have a cute space and lots of things to give you inspiration! I think your friendship bracelets came out great :)

Pikithins said...

Thanks =D I'm dying to put something on the walls. Although, the naked walls give my eyes time to breathe from all the little colorful knick knacks I have.