Monday, February 15, 2010

Free Gift Give Away =D!!!

Since I have reached 100 followers, I have decided to do a special give away!
What shall I be gifting, you ask?

This cute set right above! You can win a free doll head mini! His name is Brox! He would love to make a home with you =). You will also receive a free card made by me =). This card is made with a combination of smooth and shimmering red card stock, tied with white ribbon!

You will also receive this pair of Black Lightening earrings! Made with black and silver seed beads, glass flowers, and a black bead with silver streaks on kidney hoops!
NEW: Winner will also receive a card that allows them %50 off ANY item in the shop!

Just leave a comment on this post and that will give you one entry submitted.
Entries will end Feb 20th and the winner will be announced Feb 21st.
I wish everyone great luck and a wonderful day!

p.s. I may add more gifts to this package hehehe.



Donna said...

love your little heads, been wanting to get one

Eva said...

adorable set! cute shop you have.

ticc said...
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ticc said...

What a great deal. Love your stuff. :o)

floreal said...

such a cute the little heads..:)

ArtTales said...

yay! I would love to win of course :) but if not you still rock!

Catherine said...

I absolutely love the earrings!! :D

The Needle Nerd said...

Hmmmm could have swore I left a comment here yesterday?!
Any-Who . . .
*YAY* for give-a-ways :)
You have such cute stuff Carolina!
Following you.

Morado said...

Adorable! I wanna WINNNN your creationss!!! :D

Rain said...

congratulations on the 100 followers! You've done a really nice job with your blog layout.

ZeeBree said...

Great Blog! I look forward to following!

Dayzee Love said...

Love the doll head, you could make french fries if you use different colours! :)

Anonymous said...

Weeee!!!!! I'm in!!! Lol