Thursday, February 11, 2010

Touring My Room a Little

Hello =D. Since I've been feeling really, really dizzy lately =(, I decided to take a little break and post a couple of little dolls and crafts I have around my room. The doll above is actually a flat bookmark I made =D. Isn't he cute? The boxes behind him are for storage. I keep some of my fabrics inside. Everything you see in the background are a few things I made out of clay and paper.

This is a different view of the boxes. This time you can see some other dolls I made! The metal wire doll there was the first doll I ever created a couple of years ago. The dolls above are more recent, two or one year ago I think? Hehe. The little blue bird wasn't made by me, I bought that from The Posh Event on etsy.

This is my buddy Ichabod. He's just checking out some of the books...that I have..stacked around the floor >_>. I don't have room for them all! XD.

Now he's chilling with everyone by the window. The girl there is Checkers, Paschul, Maz, and the little guy...I never named him.

That's what my dolls saw yesterday! A freaking winter wonderland. Everything was literally covered in thick blankets of snow. Pure insanity I tell you! I must admit, it was really pretty =).

This is my little fish table =). I found it at a fabric store. Before it was just a dull color of gray, so I decided to fix it up and paint my own design =). The colors look a little weird in this photo. >_> I still love my little table! Sip tea and read a book.

This is a doll I made based on a Japanese monster. The legend goes that a woman in a white kimono roams the snowy mountains of Japan spiriting away little children. I hand painted the white kimono myself with blue paint. The Kimono took FOREVER to sew XD. You can't see the full affect of the kimono here, but I like this picture a lot. It makes this monster look more alone. Maybe that's what drives her to kidnap children?



PonderandStitch said...

I'm so glad you posted these pics!!! I looooove your dolls- I think I may love Ichabod the most! You do great work. ;)


Anonymous said...

Pikithins spiral on! How creative!