Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Afternoon everyone =) =waves=. I thought I'd open my closet of goodies and show a work I did about a couple of months ago. This is a Ferris Wheel I built out of dowels, illustration board, and craft paint. It came out really well for it being my first attempt at it, heh. I love this black and white picture. It makes me nostalgic.

Here is a picture of it in full color! I also painted the ground and backdrop displaying a carnival in full swing =). This work is very much inspired by childhood. That's the root of my inspiration in all of the works I do. In my memories of my childhood, there is always a tinge of something foreboding. A black dust that stains a full color memory around the edges. A tarnished piece of jewelry you want to throw out, but keep for sentimentality.

Here is a side view where you can see the seats on the Ferris Wheel. I made and painted those as well. The creatures on the seats are apart of a story I created and resonate with how I think of my childhood. The story here is about a town having fun at a carnival. It comes to a point where people are aghast at seeing the creatures, painted on the Ferris Wheel seats, come to life and attack the children. Child death is gruesome, and I didn't experience it when I was younger, but there's always been this fascination of children making adult decisions in extreme situations. Many of the stories I write usually involve child death or abuse.

A close up of the seats.

You can see the whole painted back drop here of all the carnival rides I can remember riding. I painted some tents in as well, since I am a sucker for booth games and tents serving food =). This is a combination of cut outs too, also very reminiscent of childlike activities. My scissor is my drawing utensil. I feel I can cut (no pun intended haha) to the core of what I feel and mimic that feeling in the pieces I create.

When I work, there's an emptiness I feel that I can't seem to fill. I think it's why many of the pieces I create are intensely colorful, even in my jewelry and card sets. That emptiness is a closed closet I can't get out of, pitch black and cold. The only way I can open the door, even for a few seconds, is to build these pieces that blind me with color. Its a temporary sanctification I do not mind having all the time, because the darkness in the closet is a familiar companion I can sit with.



PonderandStitch said...

That ferris wheel is awesome! You did a really great job- I'm impressed!

xoxsmiley said...

Wow, what an amazing ferris wheel!

ArtTales said...

That is amazing! I love all the colors and detail :)

Pikithins said...

Thanks =D took me two weeks to do XD


ArtTales said...

lol it would take me two years and that's if my cats didnt eat it or I didn't go crazy and throw it all away. You are an amazing artist!

Pikithins said...

aw thanks =D I do


ticc said...

Love the colors and detail. Great job.