Monday, January 11, 2010

Pucker Those Full Blown Roses!

Hello everyone! Another photo shoot has taken place at the Ortiz residence! We were able to gather a wider variety of models and really have fun with the poses! Martha Ortiz and Angela Quezada joins us again for make up design and photography. The above model gave as a lot of great shots! Angela gave her a heavy red lip to contrast against her silver/white eyeshadow.

Here is another one of this model. This time she is wearing a black top hat with the Black Bouquet earrings that are for purchase in the Pikithins shop!

Another model of ours! This is my personal favorite because she was very carefree in this shot! The green eye shadow and soft pink lips compliment her skin well. The flower was her idea =).

This time, she is outfitted in a green emerald scarf while wearing the Green Beaded Twist bracelet available for purchase in the Pikithins shop! She is also wearing a dangling pair of Peridot earrings also in the shop for purchase!

This is one of my close friends! It was her first time modeling with us. The Cotton Candy bracelet (which is sold in the Pikithins shop) was the inspiration for the light and deep blue eyeshadow. The scarf adds a wintry feel to the image.

I love her laid back attitude in this shot!

Another one of my closest friends was able to join our shoot! The gold top and necklace was inspired by the gold shimmer make up Angela complimented on the model's skin. The small feather hat adds nice texture!

It is me! My mother made the collar! I got my sewing skills from her, haha. The glove and feather hat adds extra detail to the clothing design. Angela used copper eyeshadow and lips out of pure pigment she mixed herself! The patterned lime green scarf brings out the green shadow under the eyes.

Another favorite shot of mine! I am wearing the Frothy Seed earrings you can obtain in the Pikithins shop!

All photos were taken by Martha Ortiz
All make up design done by Angela Quezada


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ArtTales said...

I love your hair! You have too much fun