Sunday, January 3, 2010

Make Up Photoshoot

I got to be apart of a photo shoot with my mother, Martha Ortiz, the photographer, and Angela Quezada, a make up artist who is also my relative. We got to experiment with different looks and styles to expand our experiences in handling a photo shoot. The first image you see above is one of our models! She's wearing a black dress and purple eyeshadow with a glossy lip. Most of the shots taken are head shots, since we wanted to focus on make up design =).

This is another model of ours. Those are my little pale hands fixing the positioning of her scarf, haha. Angela gave her white/silver eyeshadow with a heavy and glossy red lip.

Here is the result of one of this model's photo sessions! This is one of my favorite shots since we got to play around with scarfs and hair (No, the beauty mark on her face isn't real, although, it gives a nice touch!). The scarf defiantly adds texture and contrast to her smooth skin.

This model is my younger sister, Samantha. Angela dressed her with an Indie theme in mind. This pink Sari was the inspiration for pink eyeshadow, glitter, and long lashes. Her gleaming dark pink lips tie the whole look together!

Here is another one of my sister. You get to see more of the Sari here.

This is me getting ready for my shoot! My hair looks like a hot mess, but that gets fixed later =). I don't wear make up regularly, but I decided to let that go and have some fun.

Looks like I want to go to sleep, haha.

Here is one of my shots! We decided to add one of the bracelets from the Pikithins shop into the photo! It goes real well with the bold blue and brown eyeshadow. See those earrings? That is a new pair of earrings I'll be adding to the shop! You'll see them in about a week or two for sale.

Here is another shot with me wearing a different head dress. The soft pink lips lets the blues of the photo really pop! I really love this head dress (Maybe I'll steal it later, hehehe).
In all, it took all day to take thousands of photos, heh. We defiantly learned to pick up the pace so we can get all of our models in on time. We'll be better prepared for next time, but it defiantly was a fun experience =D. Hope you enjoyed this little peak at our photoshoot! We'll be doing another one next week!

All photos taken by Martha Ortiz
All make up done by Angela Quezada



DesignsByBec said...

Wow. That is so cool.

ArtTales said...

That's so cool! I'd be super nervous but I'd love to do that.