Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today's photoshoot was themed on the 1920's! Another fun shoot since I got to wear a black wig, pearls, and a white boa =). The above image, as well as all of them for this post, are of me! I got that flapper look going on, hehe.

Oh my! How naughty of me!

Playing with some beads.

Sporting a white boa with a black feather.

I decided to have a little more fun then what I already was.
I took the wig off and started playing with poses!

And then when the make up artist wasn't looking...I decided to smear the make up =).

Ah, let's smear the lip stick too!

This is one of my favorite images! A lot of playfulness!
All photos taken by Martha Ortiz.
All make up done by Angela Quezada.



ArtTales said...

The last one is the best! Very fun :)

Pikithins said...

Thanks! The last one is my favorite too! =)