Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Are Your Most Memorable Dreams?

1. I am surrounded by leaves. Branches and trees do not exist here. I do not know where here is. I pluck one leaf off another as if an apple from an apple tree. Somehow, I peel the leaf open, it's white veins pulsating and forming the word E X H A L E.

2. My mother and I are walking home in the dark, the streets glowing a dull orange from the lamp lights. As we approach the steps to the house, a figure, as black as cat's fur, drags my mother and I on the ground and starts punching us in the face. He kills her first and then he stares at me and says "Remember me..." His words didn't sound like a demand. He sounded like he was pleading with me before I woke up.

3. I am an old man stumbling in the dark, holding an empty glass bottle. My hand, crinkled like paper, reaches forward. My hand clenches air and I stumble to the floor, my hair falling to the floor. I scream "SHERRY! WHERE ARE YOU!" But am I looking for a woman named Sherry? Or an actual bottle of Sherry?

4. Four little girls are standing outside in the snow, all of them wearing hot pink mittens and black coats. They are protesting against an old man who uses lawnmowers. My brother is pissed at the yelling and decides to quiet them with his periwinkle aluminum baseball bat. He runs outside, the thumping of his boots a warning for the girls to run. Unfortunately, one girl slips in the snow. He hovers over her and starts whacking her in the head with his baseball bat. The sound of her skull cracking resonated in my ears for a couple of days.

5. A man with a black boa constrictor tells Santa Claus to commit suicide to save a girl named Mary. Santa complies.

6. My two sisters and I are being chased by a Guerrilla in a marching band suit on the highway.

What dreams are more vivid for you? I can go into super detail with any of these dreams, but that would be too long to type =D. Enjoy the images? In memory of Halloween! =D Hehehe


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PonderandStitch said...

Oh, about nightmares! Those photos have creeped me out to no end- SCARY!

Your dreams were scary, too...