Friday, October 23, 2009

Photoshop Work!!!

Hello! It has been a long while since I posted anything up! I have been pretty busy with school work and work. I also have been dealing with two weeks filled with one crappy situation after another lol. At least that's over and I can enjoy a week of relaxation! =D I wanted to posted some photo shop work that I have. The image above is an older piece that a tweaked a bit in color =). This only has one layer of color. The other pops of warm color you see was the color created underneath the layer once I adjusted the curve settings. ( In each image, I draw by using a digital brush for the clothing, background, and faces while the original photo acts like a base).
This is another one I did of my friend! She was holding a wine glass, but I took it out to make it look like she was holding some type of magical energy =). I went crazy with color on this one! I love making unusual color combinations! This is also one layer of color. The other little balls of pink energy you see floating around was created by subtracting different parts of the blue layer away.

For this work, I REALLY wanted to focus on manipulating the brush and smudge tools. I took put out the background with the stamp tool, then I placed a layer of pink on the image and went crazy with the butterflies =D. I smudged some of the butterflies to create a variety of shapes. I wanted to make the face fall apart into an abundance of butterflies.

This is a more recent portrait image of me I did. A lot more subtle compared to most of the photoshop work I do. This is just one layer and I changed the background with the stamp tool. I like to keep myself open and create a wide range of images. Recently, I have been doing many black and white works. For all of my images, I do NOT use ANY filters. There just silly to use and make the work less exciting to do. I like to draw out textures with color and stamp tools. As you may have noticed, most of the photoshop images I work with are of me lol. It would be nice to do other people, hahaha. =hint hint=



Kathryn Lantz said...

nice work! i'm still trying to figure out photoshop lol. (without much luck so far!) just so you know, i posted about your sales again on this weeks edition of "friday night deals!"

PonderandStitch said...

I have no idea how to use photoshop..I use it a little bit at work for little things but never for photo manipulation. I'd give you a photo of me to play around with if you were REALLY bored one day, lol..

p.s. you are adorable!

Pikithins said...

Kathryn: Thanks so much for posting me on your blog again =D Yea, photoshop is pretty confusing. I self taught myself through a lot of experimentation! Thanks for the complement to!

Ponder: LOL Oh come now! Lol, send me a photo my way. Doesn't have to be when I'm bored lol. Aw, thanks =D =blush=


aprilsoriginals said...

very nice, super cool work!!

Pikithins said...

Thanks April! =D