Sunday, October 11, 2009

Venturing to the Country Side of New Jersey

Today, I finally got to take a break from Etsy, the shop, facebook, and school to explore the country side of NJ for apple picking! I had never done it before, so why not go explore something new!? =D It was an hour drive, but worth it since the scenery was filled with golden and crimson leaves fluttering to the open grassy pastures =). We went to a farm where they had apple, pumpkin, AND tomato picking. The above photo is an apple tree filled with Red Delicious apples! Yum =)

This is my niece attempting to look cute LOL. She is evil though when she wants to be LOL. We got to have this small wagon to hold the large amount of apples we had picked =)

These are Green Delicious apples. We took some of these too. My family and I got to eat them right off the tree. It was a really nice day out! Blue skies and rainbows!

This is me stealing a cherry tomato from the gate after strolling through the apple fields mwhahaha. Well, they were free >_>...Anyway, we ended up riding the tractor to the pumpkin and cherry tomato fields.

OMG! Those little orange tomatoes were AMAZING. They tasted so damn good. We all hurried over to the tomato fields and started searching for them since they were hidden deep in the vines and greenary. It was like a fun scavanger hunt! My bag was completely filled with them!

We headed to the pumpkin patch afterward and picked out some pumpkins for the kids to paint on later when we went home. We relaxed and enjoyed the view of the rolling hills beyond the farm (Oops, all the pictures of me is with my back turned LOL hahahaha).
Finally, it was time to leave the farm =(. We rode the tractor back to the barn to buy homemade jelly, pumpkin butter, and everything else we picked off the fields. A really awesome trip and relaxing! Now I'm home with a tummy ache from eating too much food from the farm. My relatives are trying to push me to bake an apple pie from scratch lol. Maybe i'll do it on friday once the week is over from classes =).



ArtTales said...

hehe how fun

We have a peach orchard we go to every year

Pikithins said...

Yeah, I love the country. I would like to live in it someday...As long as it's somewhere near the city LOL


TheIronQueen said...

How cool! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.