Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scarf-Cladded Heroes and Falling Timmys

WOW. It has been forever since I posted something! Forgive you blogger! Lol. I've been really busy with midterms and work.

I started to upload a WHOLE bunch of new charms to the shop. Its one of the newer projects I've been getting to (aside all the other hundreds of projects I got myself into). Go check the shop and see the new items! So...what have I been up to? Working on new toys! Take a gander at the projects I have been immersing myself in so far!

He is SO adorable! He is made completely out of felt (That I got for free in my toy design class, hehe). I just kept imagining this creature walking through a chilly autumn landscape with high winds. The scarf adds a nice touch don't you think?

I love making doll heads. I had some quilting fabric I hadn't been using and decided to make a couple of them. These two doll heads above have hand stitched faces. They like to talk and hang out with one another
LOL. This one makes me laugh. This was a paper toy assignment for my toy design class. His name is Falling Timmy. The silly boy had been climbing a whole bunch of shelves to reach his favorite book. To bad he never made it to the top and fell instead.
This is my latest project: Circus heads! A group of ten heads that travel around with each other! They are all made from sculpy clay. They haven't been baked oven is broken lol.


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