Friday, August 28, 2009

New Bracelet Designs Completed!

What a busy week! I've been preparing new bracelet designs for the shop and I finally finished shooting all new 16 designs! I'll be gradually adding about 3 to 5 new bracelets in the shop daily. Keep a look out for those! I was wondering if anyone would like to suggest some color schemes for men's bracelets? I put a couple up, but that section isn't as expanded as I would like to have it. Feel free to suggest anything! =D

Aside from the bracelets, I bought a whole bunch of new supplies too, especially embroidery floss. Sometimes the floss can be a bit difficult to work with since it gets tangled from time to time. It's best to buy those small thread holders to wrap it around with. Really helpful for a simple tool.

Now I'm focusing on finishing the librarian's collection! It's close to being complete and I'll be doing a photo shoot with all six dolls this sunday. Hopefully, all of the dolls will be posted up on the shop by the end of the week coming up.

I have a fan page on facebook! If you would like to become a fan just go to:

I've also posted more pictures on the Pikithins fan site, updated the logo, updated shipping, and payment methods on the shop. If you've purchased something from me and have already received it, don't forget to leave feedback on the shop!

Well, until next time!

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