Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eat, Work, Sleep...Eat, Work...Dolls?

WOW! Busy busy busy!! Classes have started up again at school, so I'm more booked for work more than ever! I'm taking yoga and a toy design class. So far they have been really fun =D. My other four classes have been interesting too. I'm still figuring out how to juggle my classes and the work for my shop, so bear with me if some purchases get sent out a little late! >_<

Speaking of purchases, I love the new packages I made for my orders! I also made new thank you cards. If anyone orders anything and would also like some packaging material, I can do that also! Package design is a secret passion of mine since I get to build things out of paper. Just convo or email me about it =).

The business card you see there (green card) is a substitute business card since I haven't received my real ones yet! The place I ordered it from finally shipped them out yesterday! =sighs and shakes fist to the sky=

Well, fall is finally in full swing. For me, that means new products! =D I've been having a sale in my shop where you get a free gift with your purchase (the sale ends today!). Some people took advantage of the free gift, but question....what IS the free gift!? This gift is actually one of the new products that will be posted in my shop:

Introducing my new doll head mini's! =D. These doll heads can have multiple purposes such as customizing them to be rattles for kids, Christmas tree ornaments, decorations for the holidays where you can hang them on doors, or just be great doll companions for you! I can make them in a multitude of styles and sizes! Email me if you would like a special one customized!

Well, I need to head back to work. Updating the shop and all as well as do homework. Have a great weekend everyone!



PonderandStitch said...

Aww, love the mismatched button eyes. :)

Pikithins said...

Thanks =D