Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY Crafting: Mini Holiday Note Cards

Ready for the holidays? I've been ready since the Summer! I really love Christmas and the idea of gift giving.

During the Thanksgiving break, I decided to work on a quick set of mini holiday note cards. I have a tradition every year of giving out handmade cards to my penpals and friends.

Materials: Specialty card stock paper (I used a color palette of gold, silver, and white. Any card stock will do though.). 2 scallop-edged hole punchers (2 different sizes), 1 heart hole puncher, 1 mini double rectangle hole puncher, red ribbon, and a bone folder.  

I decided on a set of 8 note cards. I first hole punched all the pieces I would need for assemblage:
16 scallop-edged shapes (8 small/8 large), and 8 hearts. I also hand cut 8 note cards at 3x4.5 inches each and folded them in half.  

 Then I used the double rectangle hole puncher on the small scallop-edged shapes. I looped the red ribbon through these holes and tied it once into a bow. If you tie it twice, it will be more difficult to hot glue the heart on top of the ribbon. Tying the ribbon once will keep the bow loose and flat on the paper.

Next, I hot glued the hearts onto the ribbons. I used PVA glue to attach the small scalloped shapes to the large scalloped shapes, then affixed the completed pieces to the note cards. I let them dry under a heavy object to keep the paper flat. 

Here is the end result! Aren't they adorable? Perfect to tuck into a small gift or Christmas stocking.

I hope you're all doing well! Cheers!

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