Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photography - Botched Film Interpretations # 2

Botched Photos Are Reminiscent Of Nightmares
Blinded Pathway. 2013. 35mm Sunset film. Clove Lakes Park.
Clusters of shadows huddle together in the gaps between bricks. They shiver as if cold, shift as if weary of those who walk along the path they inhabit.

My steps are hesitant, and I realize the brick path isn't as solid as it should be. It's soft, squishy, molding to my feet, rough, grainy, turning into dust. I yelp in surprise as my feet sink. The shadows act quickly, transforming into an encroaching darkness with sharp teeth and a gaping mouth.

Buried Deep. 2013. 35mm Sunset film. Clove Lakes Park.
Teeth sink deep into my flesh, shockingly painless. The darkness drags me viciously through dirt and rock as nicks and cuts litter my body. I can barely make out shriveled leaves and broken twigs in the fading light as I kick and scream. This space I occupy is packed too tightly with death. 

Gasps gasping, dizzying dizziness, slowly slowing...and then all movement ceases.

Out Of Reach. 2013. 35mm Sunset film. Clove Lakes Park. 
 A dead silence remains. 

My ears and throat are clogged with the bowels of the earth. I'm stuck, tree roots entangled in my hair and limbs. The darkness wishes to keep me here. 

I'm able to tilt my head, my eyes watering as specks of dirt land in them from the movement. I see an open trail where my body was forced through, beyond it, the sky, assuredly alive and breathing. I want to spread my fingers...wide..and

Bring me back, I plead quietly...bring me...

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