Monday, January 20, 2014

Cramping Up My Style

The past couple of weeks, I feel like my day job is getting in the way of my passions (although, what creative soul doesn't face this situation?). All I want to do is create art damn it, not file away papers and hear people complain about the coffee machine, haha (I'm a tea drinker. I like the smell of coffee, but the taste...cough). I'm no better, since I'm complaining a bit right now (oops?).

Even though I'm dragging those feelings around from last year, I'm still looking forward to this year. I have a few small trips in mind to take (zip-lining, for the love of god, sky diving!). And to make sure I don't forget these small goals and mini adventures, I bought this awesome desk calender at Their website is really cute! Kawaii culture if you will. The paper is a nice quality and the graphics fit my style. I'm very forgetful of things, so to have this in front of me while I'm at my desk is great.

I've always been interested in kawaii culture. Cute things soften my cold heart. I used to carry around a lot of cute phone straps on my cell phone, but once I saw how much they were scratching up the case, I knew they had to go. Cute stationary is another thing I'm a sucker for. Who doesn't want to write on paper with cute little bears and even food with big eyes staring at you?


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