Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Layout and Fun Purchases =D

O_O Where have I been: Lost in a forest of projects and works in progress. I'm finally back after lying to you guys about being here in June, hahaha. Sorry about that =huge sweat drop over head=. I've been working on a few things, such as a new blog layout (as you can see), new shop layout (go check it out, it's exciting), new bracelets, AND I'm reworking my work/sleep space. I already painted the walls and ordered the rest of the furniture. I'll post pics when I can!

Anyway, I've been doing some fun shopping on Etsy. The above picture is a mini print I bought from Zime (you can click on the images to link to their shops).

Isn't this cute?! This copper cherry blossom ring was made by Hapagirls. I bought the necklace below. It's dainty and sterling silver. I'm planning to purchase the whole set, including the ring above, bangle, earrings, and another necklace =).

Hapagirls also has this flower necklace in copper.

How can I forget Nomadcraftsetc? My number one handmade bead supplier! I love her work and color combinations. I have a huge collection of her beads (some of them I hope to turn into bracelets sometime). She is pure awesome!


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nomadcraftsetc said...

Oh thank you so much! Great blog post!