Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Photoshoot

And here we have another photoshoot! I wanted to do something a little different, but I wasn't sure what! I asked my friend to pick a random color and she picked blue. And so, a shoot in blue was born! My mother, Martha Mejia Ortiz, took all the pictures and I created the make up and look.

The look reminds me somewhat of a water sprite.

Whenever I do shoots, I usually use MAC makeup and silver paint. I used nail polish to create the dots on my temples. The wig I purchased at a mall in NY. I love the long white flowing hair!

This is defiantly one of my favorite pictures. The rolls of the fabric are wonderful here! I created the star cover using paper and painted it with silver acrylic.

The background is a large fabric sheet. The pattern is pretty awesome and came out great with these photos! I like being bare, even though I don't post much pictures of me in that way =). I wanted to be a little more bold this time around!


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