Friday, November 12, 2010

Oops, I Died for Awhile

AHHHHHHHH. Good morning!!!
It's been forever since I posted something on my blog D=. I fell off the face of the earth. Most of the reason is because I was feeling down. I didn't have much motivation to make new items either, as if I'm on a crafter's block. I did attempt a few times to create something new, but the results are undesirable. This past year, I lost a lot of things in terms of self value and activities (school, job, blah blah blah). I have so much time on my hands that I think too much about where I am now and what I'll be doing. I kind of lost my way.

Now, I'm adjusting to a new schedule since I have a job =D. It's a small step to moving since life has been pretty stagnate the past year. See, I'm even posting on my blog, it's a sign! Hahahaha.

I haven't posted on my dream blog either since I was having way too many nightmares for my liking. I would rather not type and post about those since they get insanely personal. I'm not scared of my nightmares though, after having nightmares for three years straight in high school, you grow immune to it XD. I DO have a few dreams that I need to type out. I had this WICKED cool dream about Peter Pan! It came out to nine pages =O. I'll be posting it on my account once I edit. On to some pictures!

I took this photo when I went apple picking back in October. The apple orchards were great! It's like going to a buffet, eat all the apples you test how they taste of course =cough=.

They also have a tomato and pumpkin patch you can pick from too.

I spotted an interesting moth (butterfly?). I tried to get as close to it as possible. The wings are tattered, amplifying it's beauty. No matter how broken something seems, never underestimate its power to fly!

Back at home in my work space, this is a cute apple sewing basket I found in the store one day. I love how you can use the top to place needles and pins. I placed a few buttons I got from etsy and a friend =).

Remember how I was creating a series of dolls based on the balloon princess? This is the second doll that has been sitting on my sewing desk for months. This is the joker (I forgot his full name =/). I already sewed the design on his hat and cape, so this is what he looks like underneath. He'll look amazing once he has his clothes on.

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