Monday, September 20, 2010

Vacation Adventure

I have returned! I took a little time off from a few things to enjoy the outdoors. My first stop was visiting a friend in PA, where green pastures, farms, cornfields, and mountains are in abundance. This is where I stayed (not the abandoned farm of course, the house is nestled between some trees).

We drove around and I got to see the beautiful countryside cradled between sprawling mountains. I haven't been around so much land before! I'm used to huge bodies of water and skyscrapers.

We went to these caverns in PA. You have to take a boat to get inside the cavern. The fish you see here waddled in the water at the entrance. I found out that it gets so dark in the cave, animals and fish go blind! Some of the fish already are, poor fishes. The water takes this aqua/green tint because of limestone.

This cave is awesome! Apparently caverns are the best places to go during natural disasters.

Our tour guide demonstrated what the caverns looked like during different times of the day by using these lights. I almost felt like I was in a club =P.

We also visited a place called Fisherman's Paradise. I loved the pathways and rivers.

I tried capturing the bright red of the leaves, but my camera isn't the greatest, hehe. Autumn is coming, my favorite season.

When I returned from PA, I got to spend some time with my sister, who (and still is) visiting from Ohio. We went to the Chinese Garden in NY. This is a path surrounded by bamboo. I felt like I was in that movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

This is some of the cute koi fish swimming in the waters.

This is the Chinese House itself. Its like a huge mansion, filled with secret corridors, niches, bamboo, flowers, fruit, and bridges. A great place for a hide and seek game =cough=.

This bridge is actually really tiny compared to the rest of the area. You can just put one foot on the middle of the bridge and still have the other foot planted in front of the first step.

This is the view outside of the garden.

This is in a different garden near the Chinese house. Its my favorite part since I can sit on the low bridge and let my feet tap against the surface of the creek.

Lastly, I went to Atlantic City. It was a really nice area. I didn't get to take too many pictures. This is of the boardwalk. We went to this cool candy store. I didn't buy any candy, BUT I got these awesome Reese's headphones =). They had headphones in each candy made by Hershey. Pretty awesome. I also got to try peanut brittle ice cream, SO good.



PonderandStitch said...

wow, great pics! I especially love the one of the path surrounded by bamboo. So pretty!!!

Kelly Miller said...

Awesome photos! Looks like u had quite the adventure :)