Friday, August 27, 2010

Button Me Up Photoshoot

Welcome to the Pikithins family.

Another photoshoot =). This was a spur of the moment thing. I felt suddenly inspired to paint stitch lines and place buttons on my face. This shoot was inspired by my dolls, so of course I have to take some pictures with them.

Sleeping away with my plush to protect me.

I'm dreaming of a plush prince to kiss me to life.

All photos were taken by Martha Ortiz. Outfit, make up, and plushies were created and dressed by me, Pikithins. I hope you enjoyed the small selection of images (since there were A LOT to choose from). Maybe I'll do another photo shoot with a similar theme sometime.



PonderandStitch said...

You are so creative!! Love these. :D

ArtTales said...

They are so creative and you look so pretty :)

Noemi said...

These pictures are so great!!

Now the question painful was it to take the buttons off your face?

Bec said...

Looks amazing. Very artistic.